How wood coat racks can survive for several lifetimes . How to make your coat rack last a centuries for your heirs. Turn your quality coat rack into a family treasure. A quality wood coat rack can last many years . Take good care of your quality coat rack to make it last for your kids . Pass down your white coat rack like a fine peice of jewelery

I'll bet you didn't think Maple coat racks would last for generations and actually be considered keepsakes , did you? Well, they can. With the proper amount of attention , a high quality Oak coat rack, given a minimum amount of proper attention, can be passed down from father to son . Consider your descendents being able to say, "My great-grandfather hung coats on this Cherry coat rack," much as we think about in my family about my great-grandmother's home made candles . A little furniture spray wax to clean the wall mounted coat rack, much as you would any fine wooden furniture. Johnson's past wax is also a good option to clean with.

Cherry coat racks can be purchased rather inexpensivly for good quality, based upon a recent survey . Check the Internet or your local furniture stores for good deals. Another option? Check your grandmother's or other elderly relative's storage area , or visit flea markets. Although coat racks have made a relatively recent comeback in regard to popularity, wall mounted coat racks were extremly popular before 1925 , when houses generally had much less clothes space available. Many older homes also have wall white coat racks already installed .

One great way to start a tradition of Maple coat racks as heirlooms is to give a child their own in their room . It could be his or her aunt coat rack, for instance. Or, start a new tradition. Since wood coat racks are great tools for children, because they can be installed to their height and can be used where there is no closet space, give each child a Maple coat rack for his or her bedroom when he or she is big enough to take responsibility for it.

Oak coat racks are great for kids because they're much easier to manage than hangers and closets, and can be used where there's little floor space. Because Cherry coat racks are so easy to use, wooden peg coat racks can help children learn to be clean early in life , by simply hanging their coats up. A child as young as two can be trained to hang clothes up after they remove them off if they're clean enough to wear again, or to toss them in a nearby hamper if they're too dirty to wear again. little ones who are a little older can also be taught to take pride in taking care of the coat rack, especially if it's an heirloom that's been passed down from a father .

Because of their ease of use , satin nickel hook coat racks are making a comeback . They are great for tight spaces, such as a studio apartment , and are much more versatile than built-in closets. A wall coat rack is also a much cheaper option, since the logistical and monetary considerations of installing closets can be enormous , especially in older houses that traditionally do not have them. It's a simple matter to mount a wall coat rack, since all you need is accessible wall space. No additional floor space is required.