Pellet Stove Fuel Selection

Pellet stoves are engineered to use plant based biofuel that are derived primarily from unused products such aswood chips, used pallet, saw dust or other wood products that uaully ends up in our landfills.. Small pellet of wood compariable to what we associate with animal food, The unused products is squeezed into small pellet of wood, similar to what we associate with animal food, to a size suitable for pellet stoves.

Pellet Stove fuel comes in two different grades of pellets.. The premium grade makes up approxmatly 95 percent of the pellets made, where as the standard grade makes up the what is left which quite often is used in agriculture as animal bedding. To minimize jamming and or bridging from occurring in a pellet stove, manufactures product pellets to meet the best grade standard for demisions. The optimum favorable deminsion is by and large less then 1.5 inches long and if possible smaller then 1 inch to avert bridging from occurring in the hopper of the pellet