Friday, March 15, 2013

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summer camp in Spain

Studying and traveling abroad can be one of the most valuable, enriching experiences of your kids' life... If you choose the right program!! To help you(parents/guardians) through this sometimes confusing and overwhelming process, talk to the experts at AmeriSpan. We understand your questions and concerns because we have personally dealt with the same issues.

From its dazzling beaches to its ancient castles, Spain is a country as diverse as the cultures which have influenced its art, architecture, music and lifestyle. It is a land where cathedrals and castles are interspersed with skyscrapers, where modern rock mixes with flamenco guitar. Spain offers some of the world's most famous museums, resorts, and festivals, making it a unique and enchanting destination.

We would like to offer kids from 5 years old (yes! the early the start to learn a language the easiest) to teenagers up to 18 years old the opportunity to mix with Spanish kids and teen to learn, practice and understaend the Spanish culture

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